• We teach all styles of music from classical, rock, pop, jazz, country and more. Our highly experienced instructors tailor lessons to the student’s individual goals and interests while ensuring a well-rounded learning experience for all levels beginner through advanced.
  • Beginner students can expect to learn a wide variety of skills that will lay the foundation for a well-rounded music education while incorporating their favorite songs in order to have an enjoyable learning experience. Within a few weeks, beginners will learn chords, melodies, basic music theory, and solid technique that can be applied to any piece of music.
  • Intermediate and advanced students have the opportunity to study these concepts more in depth and continue working alongside their instructor to master any individual musical goals they might have.
  • Most lessons are taught in our studio space conveniently located in Central Austin, TX. We also offer virtual lessons live via zoom, with the zoom recordings made available afterwards.
Acoustic guitar

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